About Card Safety:

Credit and debit card safety refers to the practices and precautions taken to protect the security of credit and debit card transactions and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive financial information associated with these cards. This includes measures to safeguard against fraudulent activities such as:

  1. unauthorized purchases
  2. identity theft
  3. card skimming.

In the financial sector, where the protection of sensitive financial information is paramount, credit and debit card security is of utmost importance for you, our customers. With the widespread use of credit and debit cards for everyday transactions, First Citizens recognizes the reliance on these payment methods for convenience and efficiency and thus, the following tips can you help have a safe and convenient experience utilizing our card services.

Helpful Tips on Credit and Debit Card Safety:

Helpful Tips on Credit and Debit Card Shopping Safety:

Helpful Tips on Credit and Debit Card PIN Safety:

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