First Citizens Telebanking brings convenience to your fingertips.

Available 24/7 to anyone with access to a landline or mobile phone. This FREE Telebanking service allows you to do your everyday banking transactions whenever you want to! 

Telebanking Self-Service Options

Telebanking Self-Service Options on Branch Products and Services
Telebanking Self-Service Options on Lending, Credit Card Products and Services

Access to information at your fingertips!

● Listen to your First Citizens account/credit-card balances and transaction history anytime! Obtain information on your savings, chequing, some investment, loan and credit card accounts!

Flexibility when you need it most!

● Transfer funds quickly between your First Citizens accounts! Authorise cheque stop payments!

Manage your First Citizens credit cards!

● Access your outstanding and available balances, your minimum or full payment amounts required plus pay your credit card when you want to, 24/7!

Convenient payment method for your vital needs, 24/7!

● Pay your WASA, TSTT, TTEC and your First Citizens credit card bills at your convenience!

To access Telebanking, follow the simple steps outlined below:

  1. Dial 62-FIRST (34778)
  2. Select Menu Option 1
  3. Input your Customer Information File number (CIF or Online Banking User ID) followed by your Telebanking PIN.

If you do not know or have a record of your CIF or Online Banking User ID, you can:

If you are a registered Telebanking customer and do not know your PIN, you can:

To learn how to reset your Telebanking PIN via Online Banking click here

If you are not registered for Telebanking, you can:

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