Mobile Alerts Helps You Stay On Top Of Your Banking

A Mobile Alert is a notification you will receive via Email or Short Message Service (SMS) that can help you keep track of your funds into and out of your accounts. Get alerts for:

● Salary and regular deposits
(based on transaction amount threshold)
Credit Cards
(receive fast and secure real time notifications)
● Cheques cleared (cheque number/transaction amount)
● Balance exceeds specified minimum/maximum thresholds
● Overdraft
● Number of ATM transactions per day (as defined by customer)
● Number of Point of Sale transactions per day (as defined by customer)
● Loan payment due
● Withdrawals (based on transaction amount threshold)
● Transfers of TT$500 and over
● Password Change

Signing up for email alerts is simple!

New and existing credit card and prepaid cardholders can register for email alerts by providing your full name, a valid email address and telephone contact via:

● First Citizens Online Banking: Send a secure message to our Electronic Banking Unit.

● Email: Send us an email at

● Telephone: Call 62-FIRST (34778) and select option 3 to speak with a service representative, our contact centre is available every day from 6am to 10pm

● Any First Citizens branch or our Credit Card Centre (1st Floor, 62 Independence Square, Port of Spain).

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