We are committed to empowering and supporting the communities we serve. At First Citizens we believe that in helping these 5 important communities to grow, we will succeed as a region.

As the work of the First Citizens Foundation deepens, it became necessary to implement an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) programme to ensure robust measurement and effectiveness of our efforts in alignment with the United Nations thrust for sustainable investment.

Through this renewed focus on our social conscience our sustainability programme ‘Community’ was born.

Operationalized by the First Citizens Foundation through the work of its six committees, the Group has committed to the mandate of addressing complex societal issues and supporting various positive initiatives by:
First Citizens strongly believes that through Community – that sense of unity that emerges from coming together, we can make a meaningful impact and difference, in the lives of those we serve.

Youth Development and Education

First Citizens Continues to create and partner with unique programmes that provide platforms for artistic and academic expression. We continue to invest in the National Poetry Slam, First Citizens UWI Internship and First Citizens Junior Calypso Monarch & Roving Tent because we believe investing in youth development and education is the key to strengthening our community.

Members of the National Poetry Slam posing with Winner


Our annual First Citizens Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year Awards (Trinidad and Tobago) remains one of the most prestigious award ceremonies in the area of sports in the nation. We have long valued the lessons of discipline and hard work learned through participation in sport. As a patron of sports, we are proud to support athletes on their journeys toward success.


First Citizens is dedicated to empowering women and men to fulfill their potential unencumbered by issues of inequity. Gender equality has been a longstanding concern for the global community so our focus on gender, as a CSR pillar, has enabled the Group to develop socially impacting programmes under the umbrella of the First Citizens Foundation.

Group CEO Karen Darbasie poses with girls at the Girls First Festival 2023
Chairman, Mr. Anthony Isidore Smart assisting at National Day of Caring


We strive to build a positive and lasting legacy that proves us to be responsible corporate citizens. In so doing we are mindful of our impact on the environment and have invested both our financial and human resources in projects aimed at caring for our natural environment thereby caring for those in it.


Our respect and admiration of the beauty of diversity is inherent. Being founded in a country with a rich and diverse cultural tapestry makes the cultural landscape of our communities unignorable. In the support of the arts and culture we seek to celebrate our shared experiences; pay tribute to those things that make us unique; and honour those that work tirelessly to record and reflect our stories in the way only creatives can.

First Citizens GDCEO Jason Julien with the Ms. Tobago Heritage Personality 2023 contestants!
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