Individual Account Opening Requirements


A form of valid identification –

a. National ID Card, or
b. Passport (mandatory for non-nationals/ non-residents), or
c. Drivers Permit/ License with birth certificate

Your proof of address

Evidence of your residential address (not older than 6 months) –

a. Utility/ Cable Bill (excluding mobile), or
b. Financial Statement

Proof of Income

Evidence of your income/ source of deposit –

a. Pay Slip (not older than 1 month) or
b. Job Letter (not older than 3 months)

For Foreign Nationals, see additional requirements in the Account Opening FAQs

Additional information:

For Minors

Identification for the minor required.  If not available, original electronic Birth Certificate accepted

The adult opening the account jointly with the minor will be required to provide the requirements as listed above

For Foreign Nationals

Also applicable for T&T nationals residing outside of T&T for an extended period.

In addition to the requirements above, you will also be required to:

a. Provide a Foreign Bank Reference Letter
b. Declare your Foreign Tax Status

See additional requirements for Foreign Nationals in the Account Opening FAQs below:

For Foreign Students

In addition to the requirements above, you will also be required to submit:

Student Permit

Account Opening FAQs

What do Foreign Nationals need to open an account?

Original documentation is required. When original documents cannot be provided, copies should be certified by a T&T Embassy/Consulate Office or Bank as a true image of the original.


  • Valid Passport


  • For residents of T&T: Requirements as stated for T&T Nationals (not older than 6 months) OR Letter of Appointment/Employment Contract stating local address
  • For residents outside of T&T: Foreign Utility Bill OR Foreign Bank Correspondence Nationals (not older than 6 months)


  • Requirements as stated for T&T Nationals
  • For foreign nationals employed in T&T a Valid Work Permit OR Employment-stamped Passport OR CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME) Skills Certificate is also required. If unable to provide, evidence to support non-submission is required
  • For foreign students, evidence of the source of deposit, via a Financial Contributor letter accompanied with the photo ID and employment proof (Job letter/Pay slip or self-employed documents) of contributor

The letter must:

  • Be prepared on Foreign Bank letterhead; translated in English, dated not older than 6 months, signed and stamped/sealed by an authorised signatory of Foreign Bank
  • Confirm the existence of a banking relationship or past banking relationship (duration and/or opening date)

If unable to provide a Foreign Bank Reference, a reference letter not older than 6 months from a respected local professional, such as a Lawyer, Accountant, Doctor, Teacher, Director or Manager of a regulated Institution and/or Police above the rank of Sergeant, OR a Local or Foreign Bank Statement not older than 6 months with Bank logo visible can be provided.

Disclosure of foreign tax status is mandatory.  If not applicable, evidence of exemption to pay foreign tax is required.

For further information telephone us at (868) 62-FIRST

I do not have a bill in my name, what do I do?

If the Utility/ Cable bill is not in your name, provide an Authorization Letter (Bank’s Address Verification Letter) and Photo ID of the bill holder, OR the bill and the following as applicable, where you are the:

  • Spouse: Marriage Certificate
  • Tenant: Lease Agreement and Rent Receipt (not older than 6 months)
  • Minor: Birth Certificate
Can I use any other document, if I cannot get a bill?

Other acceptable documents in your name (not older than 6 months) are:

  • Bank/Financial Statement, Tax Assessment or Mortgage Deed
I am not permanently employed but would like to open an account, what do I do?


  • Pension Letter from the Government/Private institution outlining details and frequency of payments e.g. lump sum with monthly payments;

Students, Housewives, Self-Employed, or Unemployed:

  • Letter from the contributor of funds (Financial Support Letter) with photo ID and employment proof (Job letter/Pay slip or self-employed documents) of contributor; OR
  • Local Government cheque stub (public assistance/disability) ; OR
  • Receipts/Invoices/Contracts with permits/ licenses if applicable

The Bank reserves the right to request additional information/documentation if deemed necessary.

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