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Applying for an appointment to open an account is quick and easy!

First Citizens introduces its new Account Opening Appointment System. This system facilitates the efficient scheduling of appointment requests with immediate customer notifications and reminders via email.

Terms and Conditions

By utilizing this service offered by First Citizens Bank Limited (“First Citizens”), you agree to the terms and conditions herein contained:

  • This service is provided for the purpose of facilitating the opening of accounts at First Citizens;
  • This service requires you to provide personal information to First Citizens for the purpose of opening an account and you consent to the provision of your information for this purpose;
  • By requesting an appointment with the Bank, you are subject to First Citizens’ internal policies and procedures. It reserves the right to cancel or deny an appointment if it breaches any such policy or procedure;
  • First Citizens shall assign to you the earliest available appointment;
  • The date and time of an appointment may be delayed or rescheduled if there are any unforeseen circumstances affecting the date and/or time of the appointment;
  • By providing your name, email address and telephone number you will receive communications (such as by call, text, email etc.) from an authorized representative of First Citizens;
  • You will be unable to receive a reminder of your appointment from this service if you have not submitted an email address;
  • You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of your personal information submitted through this service, in particular your name, telephone number and email address, to enable First Citizens to perform the services offered;
  • First Citizens is not responsible for the security of any non-requested personal information provided by you;
  • No personal information submitted by you shall be deemed to be accepted by First Citizens until confirmed by its relevant authorized representative;
  • First Citizens’ accounts are open subject to the provision of valid documentation (e.g. National Identification, proof of income and proof of address);
  • Any documentation, communication or instructions received from you will be authenticated and substantiated by First Citizens;
  • Your appointment does not guarantee the opening of an account with First Citizens;
  • The submission of information in order to obtain an appointment shall not establish or imply any partnership or relationship between First Citizens and you.
  • First Citizens has the authority to add, eliminate or replace any feature of this appointment service and may discontinue this service at any time;
  • First Citizens may transfer your personal information to its authorized representatives within the organization to facilitate the confirmation of your appointment and the setting up of an account;
  • If the provision of your personal information is held by any competent authority or written law to be invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part your application will be cancelled;
  • First Citizens will not disclose your personal information to third parties without your consent or unless required to do so by written law.
  • If you do not agree to be bound by the above terms and conditions or wish to retract your agreement for the use of this service, please follow the guidelines in the notification sent to you via email or contact 62-First

How it Works

Are you an existing First Citizens customer with Online Banking?

Your application process will be much shorter since we already have your information.
Please login and go to the “Open Accounts” tab where your product application can be completed in a matter of minutes.

Are you an existing First Citizens customer without Online Banking?

Are you new to First Citizens?

Account Opening Appointment Booking FAQs

Q1 How can I make an appointment to open a First Citizens account?

Making an appointment to open a First Citizens account is EASY. Simply choose any of the following options that best suits you:

  • 1) Log in to Online Banking (Existing customers can save time by logging in to Online Banking and clicking on the “Open Accounts” tab and complete the application.)
  • 2) Via our website (New and existing customers without Online Banking can click here to apply).
  • 3) Chat with us (You can use Web Chat, to speak to an agent to guide you in the application process).
  • 4) Email us (Business Customers Only)

Business customers can click here to send an email with your request. Kindly include the following in your email, with the subject Business Account Opening Appointment:

– Business Name
– Business Type
– Primary Contact Name, Number and Email

Q2 How soon can I expect my appointment?

Appointments are set to the earliest available date and time at your Branch of choice.

Q3 Will I be contacted to schedule my appointment?

Yes. Once your application has been submitted, you will be contacted via email or telephone to schedule your appointment.

Tip: Ensure that you provide an updated email address and contact number when applying.

Q4 How do I update my existing email address and contact number?

For a smooth application process, it is important that your email address and contact number are up to date.

If you are registered for Online Banking you can click here to log in, click the “My Home” tab, select “About Me” and make the necessary amendments.

If you are not registered for Online Banking you may visit any of our conveniently located Branches to update your contact information

Q5 What must I do on the day of my appointment?

On the day of your appointment, you are required to:

1) Arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointed time.
2) Present all required original Account Opening Documentation* and the minimum deposit to open the account
3) Declare your Politically Exposed Person (P.E.P) Status** Click here to review the P.E.P Form
4) Declare your Foreign Tax Status. Click here to review the Customer Declaration Form
5) Consent to our Terms and Agreements based on the account being opened.
– Individual Agreements
–  Business Agreements
*If you do not provide all required documentation we may not be able to open the account on that day
** Based on your status, your account must go through our approval process and you may be required to visit the Branch on a subsequent occasion to open your account

Q6 What documents are required to open a First Citizens account?

Please click on the link below that applies to you to review the documentation required to open a First Citizens account.

Individual Accounts

Business Accounts

Q7 If I am late for my appointment, will I still be accommodated?

In order to secure your appointment, you must arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment. Late arrival may result in your appointment being cancelled.

Q8 How many accounts can I open on my appointment day?

You are able to open the number of accounts you requested on your application.
Tip: You are required to complete a new online application for each account to facilitate the opening of multiple accounts.

Q9 Can I make a change in Branch selection after I have booked an appointment?

Appointments are scheduled at the Branch of your choice. To request a change to your preferred Branch, click the ‘email us’ link on your appointment notification, or contact us via Web Chat at least one (1) day before your appointment date.

Note: there is no guarantee that your original appointment date and time will be available for the new Branch selection.

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