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Offer for sale by the National Investment Fund Holding Company Limited of TT$400,000,000.00 NIF2-Bond

Application Details:

The Offer received 3,861 valid applications characterized as per below:

Application MetricValue of Valid ApplicationsMeasure
Total Value of  Valid Applications Received$1,066,323,000.00267% of Offer Size

Value of Valid Applications Received from:

1) Individual Investors: $735,513,000.00184% of Offer Size.
2) Small Business Entities:$28,200,000.007% of Offer Size
3) Credit Unions/ Pension Plans:$302,610,000.0076% of Offer Size

Allocation Summary:

Investor CategoryAllocation
1) Individual Investors:– Applicants up to $20,000.00 – 100%

– Applicants more than $20,000.00 – First $20,000.00 received in full, with the balance on a pro-rata basis.
2) Small Business Entities: NIL*
3) Credit Unions/ Pension Plans:NIL*
* This investor category was not eligible to receive an allocation given the oversubscription of Category 1 – Individuals. This is consistent with the terms set out in section 5.5 of the Prospectus.
Investors Please Note:

The credit of the NIF 2 Bond to successful investors’ accounts by the Trinidad and Tobago Central Depository (“TTCD”) is proposed for March 13th 2024, subject to approval by the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange and the TTCD.

Statements detailing the allocation of the Bond will be mailed out by the TTCD, by March 7th 2024. Any applicable refunds will be made to investors on 12th March 2024 via electronic transfer.

Terms used which are not specifically defined herein, shall have the meaning given to such terms in the Prospectus to the Offer.

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