Why should I invest at First Citizens Investment Services?

At First Citizens Investment Services we offer competitive rates on your investment, safety, flexibility, excellent client care standards, and a wealth of knowledge and financial guidance from our team members.

What are First Citizens Investment Services’ opening hours?

Opening hours are 8:00am – 4:00pm.

What do I need to open an account?

For individuals – Two (2) valid forms of picture ID’s (Driving Permit /National ID /Passport) and Proof of Address per account signatory.

For a company – The Articles and Memorandum of Association. A certificate of incorporation/continuation is also required. Company By-laws. Names and addresses of Partners. Signatories on the account along with signature specimens and any special signing rights assigned. Two forms of valid photo ID per account signatory. Company Resolution. Most recently filed Annual Return or List of Directors, Secretary and other officers. Management accounts for the last three years (where applicable).

Are there any minimum amounts for FIP’s?

For the Fixed Income Paper, a minimum investment of TTD 10,000 or USD 5,000 or EUR 10,000 or BBD 10,000 or XCD 5,000 is required.

How can clients invest with First Citizens Investment Services?

Clients can invest via:

  • Managers’ cheque / Bank Draft / Certified Cheque
  • Direct Deposits through any First Citizens Branch
  • Wire Transfers
  • Cash (up to TTD 10,000 or USD 2,000)
  • Linx

How are returns calculated?

Returns are calculated using the formula:

Principle x Rate x Time / 365

Is my money insured?

FIP’s are not insured by the Deposit Insurance Corporation. Your investment is secured by underlying security that may be a government or corporate bond.

What can I do if I have lost a cheque issued by First Citizens Investment Services?

A “stop payment” will be placed on the cheque. Upon confirmation of the same from the bank, we will write a replacement cheque for the original cheque amount less the service charge for stop-payment.

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