This Programme is offered by the Bank, in collaboration with Visa Inc/ Visa International.

In addition to this Programme’s Terms and Conditions, your Card Agreement shall continue to govern the use of your Card and the Programme. In the event of a conflict between the Card Agreement and these Programme’s Terms and Conditions, the Card Agreement will govern the Card, and these Terms and Conditions shall govern in any matter relating to the Programme.

General Program Information:

The Bank, in its sole discretion and based on these Terms and Conditions, shall resolve all matters, disputes or controversies in connection with the Programme, including without limitation, those related to transaction eligibility to earn Miles and Programme eligibility.

Every possible effort has been made to guarantee that the information contained in these Terms and Conditions is correct. However, Visa Inc., Visa International and the Bank disclaim all liability due to errors or omissions in this information.

Earning Miles:

The maximum number of Reward Points to be earned per calendar year is:

All Miles will expire on the fourth anniversary of the statement date which they were obtained through an eligible purchase.

The Cardholder accepts full responsibility for the determination of fiscal or tax liabilities in connection with any federal, state or local tax that might be applicable or result from the accumulation, conversion or redemption of Miles/First Citizens Rewards under the Programme, including, without limitation, charges, merchandise taxes, international entry or departure taxes, customs charges, airport fees or surcharges, related to receiving or using any rewards redeemed under the Programme. The Cardholder is fully and exclusively responsible for the payment of said charges and taxes. The Cardholder authorizes the Bank and/or the Programme Administrator to charge any purchases he/she makes through the Bank or the Programme Administrator to his/her Card.

With respect to its use for the travel purposes the Programme, does not include the delivery to Cardholder of information related to documentation, visas, immigration documents, or any type of service to fill out and submit forms required by the authorities in each country. Obtaining and maintaining in his/her possession valid proof of citizenship or naturalization, immunization certificates and/or visas required to travel or enter another country are the sole responsibility of Cardholder.

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