What is a payee?  

A payee is an individual or insititution who you wish to pay.  You may choose a Payee from the Bank’s Standard list of Payees or may choose to add a Custom Payee which is a person who must have an account with First Citizens. You can also make payments to multiple payees in one single transaction. 

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Which merchants can I pay using this service?
We have a listing of thirty (30) Standard Payees under the following groupings:


First Citizens Credit Card 

Other Banks

For successful payment to other banks, kindly review our guidelines

Other Financial Institutions 


When adding a Standard Payee you must reference the account number of the merchant by using a bill/receipt from the merchant. Enter the entire account number as stated on the bill/receipt. Do not enter spaces, dashes etc. You will be required to enter the account-holder’s name when adding some Payees.  

It is important to always enter information accurately when adding a Payee as this is used to credit your account at the respective institution.

When will payments made to external Payees be credited? 

When a bill payment is made, the funds are debited from your account immediately. Within the next business day the payment is sent to the institution to be updated. We advise however that you initiate your payment at least five (5) business days before the payment is due at the receiving institution.   

When will payments to my credit card be credited and available for use? 

If you make your credit card payment before 3:15 p.m. Monday to Thursday and before 4:30 p.m. on Friday, your funds will be credited and available for use by the next day.  Payments made after these times, Weekends or Public Holidays will be credited and available for use by the next two working days. All payments will be reflected online accordingly.   

Can I set up recurring/scheduled transfers and bill payments? 

Yes, you can set up recurring bill transfers and bill payments also referred to as Pending Transfers or Pending Payments. When making the transaction simply choose to set up as a Schedule and choose your start date, end date and frequency cycle. Submit the information and your schedule will be set up. Go to Pending Transfers/Pending Payments in the main menu to view your schedule.   

When will my funds be credited if I transfer funds between my First Citizens accounts?  

When funds are transferred between First Citizens savings, chequing, loan and some investment accounts the transaction is immediate. Credit Card payments however take longer and can be credited within 48 hours. 

Can I view information on payments that I have made?

Yes, you can view the names of payees and the payee account number in the Session History.

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