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United States Consumption Outlook

 Current Economic Developments The outlook for United States (US) consumption is positive as growth in household savings throughout 2020, strong job and wage progress during 2021, as well as the…


The Future is Electric

What is an EV (Electric Vehicle) An EV is an acronym for an electric vehicle. EVs are vehicles that are either partially or fully powered by electric power. Electric vehicles…


Economic Impact of Climate Change in the Caribbean

The Caribbean has been blessed with picturesque landscapes, irresistible pristine beaches and a melting pot of races and cultural heritage, making it an idyllic vacation hotspot for scores of tourists…


First Citizens is a Friend of Mr. Biswas

First Citizens recently agreed to provide sponsorship for the preservation of the history and heritage of the Naipaul House as part of its corporate social responsibility. The agreement was signed…

Corporate Social Responsibility / Culture

Review of Equity Markets over the 3rd Quarter 2021

International Market ReviewThe momentum witnessed in the first half of the year, waned in the third quarter of 2021 as near-term outlooks dimmed due to rising coronavirus cases globally owing…