2023 Highlights

Girls First is a ground-breaking conference dedicated to inspiring, empowering, and supporting girls to realize their full potential. The event aims to bring together girls from diverse backgrounds and interests to foster personal growth, leadership development, and meaningful connections. Through a series of engaging sessions, interactive workshops, and inspiring talks, Girls First creates a safe and inclusive space where girls can gain valuable skills, build self-confidence, and envision a future full of possibilities.

Girls First is all about creating a safe, empowering, fun space. It provides attendees with knowledge, tools and most importantly, the mindset they’ll need, to go after that thing they envision”

Girls First Founder – Karen Darbasie
First Citizens Group Chief Executive Officer

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In today’s world, creating a lasting impact goes beyond the boundaries of physical events. To extend the reach of our event, inspire behaviour change, and empower individuals to make a positive difference, we have created an Online Community on Instagram where young women can feel inspired, share their thoughts and stay up-to-date on trending topics.

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