As a Visa credit cardholder, you can easily access the Visa Benefits Portal to:

i. see the benefits offered on all Visa credit cards
ii. see the benefits offered on your Visa credit card
iii. generate and view certificates, related to applicable benefits offered on your card
iv. submit and view progress on submitted claims, related to applicable benefits offered on your card

As a Visa credit card holder, you can benefit from points (ii) to (iv) above, whilst non Visa credit card holders can view the information in point (i) above.

Registration for a Visa Benefits Account

To obtain the benefits from (ii) to (iv) above simply follow the simple registration process at

This involves:
(i) Going to
(ii) Choose “Log In
(iii) Then choose “Sign Up
(iv) Follow the instructions from thereon.

At one point, an email will be sent to the email you register during the process.
This is needed to activate your Visa Benefits account.
Please note that this may be sent to your “Junk” or “Spam” email folder.

Submission of Claims

How can the claim for any of the benefits offered on Visa credit cards be submitted?

The cardholder or beneficiary has two main options to open a claim, as stated below. This is the general guidance. Full details on the process and the requirements can be obtained at

i. Benefits Portal:

In case you have any questions or doubts on any step of the process, contact us via Chat.
The cardholder may access the Visa Benefits’ Portal thought the link

a. Once in the landing page of the Benefits’ Portal, please click on “Login” or “Enroll”
b. Click on “Claims”
c. Click on “Create Claim”
d. Choose a Product from the drop down menu
e. Choose the benefit you need to file a Claim for and agree to all terms and conditions
f. Complete all requested information and click on “Save”.
This step creates the claim case number. g. Attach all required documents
h. Click on “Submit”

ii. By eMail
a. Please send your request to including the benefit for which you want to open the claim.
b. The cardholder will receive an initial package containing the claim form and the list of documents that are needed for each claim
c. All required documents, including the claim form, must be sent electronically to

iii. By Mail
Claims Administrator
Visa Card Benefits Administration
Maipú 255, Piso 17
C1084ABE, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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