1. Trusteeship of Retirement Benefit Plans – Pension, Savings and ESOPs
    The success of any retirement benefit plan depends on a proper governance structure, expert advice and engaged stakeholders. As an independent Trustee, we act as the fiduciary that holds and administers the trust property and assets for the benefit of the Plan members. In addition to our own in-house capabilities, we engage the services of top professionals in the fields of actuarial consulting, auditing, investment management and legal advisory services to ensure that your Plan is managed in the best way possible.
    Our role as trustee includes the critical responsibility of ensuring that your Plan operates in compliance with its Trust Deed and Rules and with governing legislation, the Income Tax Act Chap 75:01 and the Insurance Act 2018.
  2. Pension administration
    Accurate recordkeeping and administration of benefits are vital elements in the smooth day-to-day operation of your retirement benefit plan. FCTSL offers a comprehensive solution using a purpose-built software application for management of Plan members’ data and payment of their benefits upon retirement or leaving service. All records are treated with the strictest confidentiality and subjected to rigorous internal controls to ensure information security is always maintained.
  3. Trusteeship of mutual funds
    As an independent body, we ensure the interests of the unitholders of Mutual Funds are protected and statutory requirements are followed in accordance with the Guidelines for Collective Investment Schemes issued by the Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission (TTSEC) and other legislation that governs the operations of a trustee.
  4. Trusteeship/administrative agent services for bonds and loans
    We ensure the rights and interests of bondholders are protected and act as a conduit between the issuer of a bond and the bondholders to ensure the efficient flow of information. We ensure that the issuer adheres to all covenants in the legal documentation. As administrative agent of syndicated loans, we also calculate and make payments to lenders, facilitate loan transfers and maintain the register of lenders. We have a proven track record of successfully managing the restructuring of corporate debt and renegotiating terms for bonds and loans to the mutual satisfaction of all stakeholders.
  5. Escrow agent services
    A skilled escrow agent can be crucial to the successful completion of your transaction. As a neutral party, FCTSL can provide the support you need for the negotiation, administration and closing phase of your transaction in a way that protects the legal rights of all parties. You can count on our speed, accuracy and confidentiality throughout this process.
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