Paying your First Citizens credit card via the FREE First Citizens Online Banking Service is amazingly simple and can be completed in seconds, without any hassle. 

The sole prerequisite is internet access which enables you to log in and use the service. 

Payments to your First Citizens credit card is facilitated under the “Payment Services” option, seen on the menu list on the left hand side of the screen after you log in to the First Citizens Online Banking Service.

There are 2 steps in paying your First Citizens credit card: 

  1. The one time start up requirement of Adding your credit card as a “Standard Payee”
  2. Making Your Credit Card Payment 

This service also gives you the flexibility of controlling your finances by allowing you to modify your payments according to your specific situation. 

Payments made using this service will be treated as stated below:

STEP 1: Adding Your First Citizens Credit Card as a Standard Payee
Once you are registered for the First Citizens Online Banking Service, simply follow the steps outlined below to add your First Citizens Credit Card as a Standard Payee

STEP 2: Making Your Credit Card Payment
The First Citizens Online Banking Service allows you the greatest convenience and control in paying your credit card. You can: 

  1. Make an immediate payment at anytime or
  2. You can schedule a payment to your credit card

In order to satisfy the monthly payment requirement, your payment must be made on or before your payment due date.

However the convenience of this service is that it goes beyond making it super easy for you to make your required monthly credit card payment. It also makes it unbelievably comfortable for you to make payments as and when you need to, without any hassle of standing in lines, simply by the click of a button, in a matter of seconds. 

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