How safe is banking online? 

First Citizens takes the privacy of your personal information very seriously, and uses the process called encryption to make this happen. Encryption is a process which transforms sensitive information into unrecognizable characters before it is transferred over the internet. After it has transferred, the characters are then re-converted to recognizable characters for you to read.  In order to facilitate the personal internet banking experience, First Citizens Online Banking requires the use of 128-bit encryption.   

What do I need to use First Citizens Online Banking? 

The browser versions required for you to fully enjoy the Online Banking experience include the following which offer 128-bit encryption:  Internet Explorer – version 8 and above, latest version preferred  Google Chrome – any version, latest version preferred Mozilla/Firefox – any version, latest version preferred   

What should I do if my browser is rejected? 

If you have an older version that is not supported by the First Citizens Online Banking solution, you will be notified that your browser does not meet the security standards. You will then be referred to links to facilitate an upgrade in the version of your browser.   

What is a Transaction PIN? 

Your Transaction PIN confirms that you initiated your transactions. You will be prompted to set a four (4) digit Transaction PIN, which you will enter before completing any financial transaction online. As with your other PINs and Passwords, you must NOT share this Transaction PIN with anyone. Your Transaction PIN can be changed very easily via the link on your transaction page. eg. as you transfer funds or as you make a payment.  

What is a Password Hint? 

A password hint is a word or phrase that will help remind you of what your actual login password is in the event that it is forgotten. The hint should make your password obvious to you but difficult for someone else to guess. Do Not enter your password as your password hint.   

What is the Secret Question and why am I asked it when I select Forget Your Password?  

The Secret Question is a strong security measure, which appears during the Forgot Your Password process. The system prompts you for your answer to your Secret Question, which you would have previously entered. Your answer to your secret question is encrypted for security reasons. This is used to authenticate your identity and you will be allowed to continue on. You may change your secret question and answer at any time by accessing your Security Information under Customer Profile from the main menu.  

What can I do if I forget my User ID or Password? 

If you have forgotten your login password, you can go to the Forgot My Password link on the login page and either have your password hint e-mailed or change it right away.  If you are unable to follow the instructions online or have also forgotten your UserId you may contact the E-business Unit at 62-FIRST (34778) or send a mail to or for further assistance.  

Why do I need to accept “Cookies” to access my financial information online? 

When you log in for the first time from a new computer, we put a secure (encrypted) cookie on your computer. This cookie contains a randomly generated unique number that identifies your computer. The cookie is visible only to the First Citizens Bank Limited, web site and does not contain any of your personal information. When you log in after that, your web browser sends us this cookie to verify that this is your computer.

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