How can I register for Online Banking? 
New Customers New customers to First Citizens bank are required to open an account before registering for Online Banking. You will be required to: 

 Your request will be processed and you will be contacted by an Online Banking representative to visit the Branch most convenient to you, to complete the registration process. You will be automatically registered for our Online Banking service.  Existing Customers Customers who already have a valid deposit, investment, loan or credit card account with us, may register for Online Banking, and will be required to: 

You will be contacted by a Customer Service Representative  to notify you when your registration is completed.   

Can I register for Online Banking at the Branch? 

Yes, if you have at least one account with us, you may register for Online Banking service by visiting any one of our Branches or our E-Business Unit (1st Floor, Independence Square) and speak with a Customer Service Representative. Please walk with at two forms of valid identification to successfully complete this process.   

What is the Interactive Banking Services Agreement? 

This is simply an agreement between you the customer and the bank. It gives permission to First Citizens Bank Limited to make your account and financial information available to you via the internet.   

Can I begin using Online Banking immediately? 

Yes. Once you are registered as an Online Banking customer and have signed the Interactive Banking Services Agreement you may start using the First Citizens Online Banking service.   

Can I apply for a new account? 

Yes. The First Citizens Online Banking experience allows you to apply for new accounts online. You have the option of applying for a deposit, investment, loan, credit card account or increase in your credit card limit.   

Can I sign up if I live outside Trinidad and Tobago? 

Yes. First Citizens customers who reside outside of Trinidad and Tobago can apply online and will be contacted and guided thoroughly by an E-Business Customer Service Representative. Contact can also be made by emailing

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