Why the Online Banking Upgrade?

The First Citizens Online Banking System was recently upgraded to enhance the Security, Efficiency and Functionality of the system.

Why am I being prompted to setup Challenge Questions upon login?

We have replaced the Secret Question and Answer at login with Challenge Questions, to enhance the Security of the Online Banking system.

To setup and answer your (5) Challenge Questions simply click on the drop down arrow then select your preferred Challenge Questions. Answers to your Challenge Questions should not be less than (4) four characters or greater than (30) thirty characters. You will only be prompted once to setup your Challenge Questions and Answers.

Can I reset any of my Challenge Questions or all of my Challenge Questions?
Yes you can. To do so, simply click on the following options after login “MY HOME / SECURITY INFORMATION / ADAPATIVE AUTHENTICATION INFORMATION”.

If however, you wish to amend only one challenge question you will be required to respond to the (4) four remaining Challenge Questions.

What is Adaptive Authentication?
Adaptive Authentication is an additional layer of security. When you log in to the First Citizens Online Banking System, you will be prompted to setup your Challenge Questions. These questions will be utilized to authenticate users.

Adaptive Authentication is currently monitoring customer logins and user activity. As a result you will not be prompted to respond to any Challenge Questions upon login at this time. Rest assured that the Bank continues to closely monitor all transaction activities.

What is Trojan or Key Logger?
Fraudsters are also utilizing fake websites to capture your personal information. Always verify the entire URL before entering your personal information on any website. Should you receive any suspicious links, sites or emails please call 62-FIRST or email FCB-E-BANK@firstcitizenstt.com or channelsupport@firstcitizenstt.com.

To be safe make sure the lock icon  appears next to the browser address and that the address begins with “https”. The “s” indicates that you have a secure connection. First Citizens never uses “http” for any customer interaction.

Where can I view all my accounts including my credit card account?
To view all your accounts including your credit card account simply click on the following option after login:-

Why is my entire account number not displayed upon login?
This feature was introduced to further enhance the security to our customers. To view your entire account number simply click on the Show Protected Data option, then enter your password to view your full account number.

Why are my Online Banking Options no longer displayed on the left side of the web page?
As part of the upgrade, your Online Banking options are now displayed to the top of the web page. Simply click on any of the tabs to locate the option you wish to select.

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