UWI SPEC International Half Marathon 2019

Corporate Social Responsibility

The UWI SPEC International Half Marathon is no mere road race – it’s an experience.  Every year there is someone in the course who defies their inner voice that says they can’t; every year someone checks the box next to this race on their bucket list. Whether you are wheelchair-bound or able-bodied, whether you can’t muster the energy to even jog but you’re willing to walk for 13.1 miles – there’s a space for everybody!      

First Citizens is proud to be associated with this half-marathon that has grown to become the model road race in the Caribbean.  Our partnership with the UWI SPEC has itself been no sprint, the 2019 edition being our 14th year as presenting sponsor.  Over the years, we have not only contributed financially but have assisted in various aspects of the event, even encouraging and challenging our employees to put on their running shoes.

The commitment of the organizers to push themselves, setting higher targets and ensuring that they are achieved is commendable – an initial participation level of 300 runners have spiralled into over 1300 and rising.  That’s a feat of which we are definitely proud!  We are also particularly pleased with the impact this race has created through alignment with major causes over the last few years. This year, a deserving athlete will have the chance to attain a scholarship. This means that each participant doesn’t just get an opportunity to achieve his personal goal but to help someone else in the process.

Of particular note is the overwhelming response through team effort in the relay format.  These indicators of continued improvement reflect First Citizens’ commitment to excellence and we commend the UWI SPEC team for their hard work.

For over a decade, the UWI SPEC International Half Marathon has been creating opportunities through which locals, Caribbean and international participants can benefit, not just in the experience of the race, but in the rewards for top performances as well.

As we put the final touches on preparations for this year’s edition, First Citizens is more than ready to welcome those stalwarts of the race, those looking to improve their personal best and definitely those who are making a giant mental and physical leap, to take on this race for the very first time.  

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