MAS 2021

M.A.S the Theatrical Carnival Production

As we continue to support Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival and culture in general, the First Citizens Group partnered with Julius Czar Ltd. and the M.A.S. Movement to produce “M.A.S the Theatrical Carnival Production”.

The production brought the Magic and Spirit of Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival live on “Carnival Monday and Tuesday,” at the National Academy for the Performing Arts, Port of Spain and was also streamed for those opting to share the experience from the safety of their homes.

Carnival lovers were offered a cultural programme delivered as a theatrical and musical production, through local art and culture via pan, tassa, soca, calypso, traditional Carnival depictions and much more. Packaged to promote the multifaceted culture of Trinidad and Tobago, this initiative was well aligned to the Group’s CSR vision and also provided the opportunity to showcase and leverage other First Citizens sponsorships such as First Citizens Supernovas Steel Orchestra, First Citizens Dragon Boys Tassa Band and the First Citizens Original Jab Jab.

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