First Citizens Original Jab Jab hosts Cultural Workshop

Press Release

The third annual First Citizens Original Jab Jab Cultural Workshop took place on Saturday, June 22, 2024 at the Band’s headquarters in Couva. The Band hosted 30 participants of all ages from across Trinidad and Tobago joining to educate and promote the Jab Jab traditions.

The Jab Jab, a traditional mas character of Trinidad and Tobago, has a deep rooted history in post-emancipation resistance against colonial powers. Adorned in vibrant costumes and wielding a whip reminiscent of plantation overseers, the character has evolved into a symbol of resilience and strength.

Facilitated by Bandleader – Mr. Ronald Alfred and other members of The First Citizens Original Jab Jab Band, participants learnt of the history of the Jab Jab art form, the art of whip-making, costume creation, whip-fighting techniques, and the use of traditional medicinal plants. They were also educated on specific Jab Jab “lavways” aimed at further enhancing their understanding and appreciation of this unique cultural expression.

As a proud sponsor of the Band, First Citizens is honoured to be part of this cultural journey, fostering unity and understanding within the community. This sponsorship reflects the company’s commitment to building bridges that connect communities to their roots while embracing the diversity that makes each culture unique.

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