First Citizens Celebrates Success and Commitment to Youth Development through NSSEC Partnership

Press Release

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad & Tobago, November 15th 2023 – First Citizens Bank extends warm congratulations to all the winners of the 2023 National Secondary Schools Entrepreneurship Competition (NSSEC) and all participants in the programme. The Group hosted two divisions within the competition called the First Citizens Neo Aspirer and Neo Achiever. Winning in the Neo Aspirer division was St Joseph’s Convent POS – Bike It team and Bishop Anstey High School POS – UBike Co. team won in the Neo Achiever division. The closing ceremony, held at the National Academy for the Performing Arts culminated a six-week long virtual competition.  From October 4th, almost 700 eager students from over 60 secondary schools, making up over 120 teams, participated in the entrepreneurship gamification platform. The Marabella North Secondary School – Mythical Bikes were the overall champions of the 2023 NSSEC programme.

In attendance was Jason Julien, Group Deputy CEO – Business Generation, who shared his excitement and stated, “The inspiring truth is that sitting in this hall are our future innovators, world-changers, pioneers, leaders, inventors, titans of industry and business hall of famers. And all of the potential sitting in this room is unlimited and infinite. It is in this potential that we at First Citizens continue to invest. You are undoubtedly our greatest natural resource!”

The competition utilized a software simulation platform and allowed participants to become actual entrepreneurs, managing various aspects of an intense business enterprise while experiencing the highs and lows of it over the period. The participating schools exhibited outstanding teamwork, creating a positive and collaborative environment that resonated among them. NSSEC not only provided an innovative learning platform for the students to promote practical learning of entrepreneurial skills but also provided a hub for fostering lasting connections and friendships among students and teachers. The educational impact of NSSEC was also evident, as it raised awareness about the various entrepreneurship opportunities available within the industry, as well as those that can be designed by the students themselves.

In keeping with its continued commitment to youth development and education, First Citizens reaffirms its commitment to projects such as NSSEC and believes in the overall development of young people equipping them with valuable skills and fostering networking and camaraderie.

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