FC Partners with UWI 2019

First Citizens partners with The UWI to preserve history

The University of the West Indies is one of the most prestigious, indigenous tertiary education institutions in the region and as such the First Citizens Group is proud to partner with The UWI on a host of developmental projects and programmes including the UWI Semi-Permanent Wall Visual Exhibition.

This initiative celebrates and preserves selected historical events and people in the life of the St Augustine Campus since its origins.  It reflects through a visual display on the main corridor walls of Floor 1 of the Lloyd Braithwaite Administration building black and white photographs of the earliest origins of the Imperial Tropical College of Agriculture since 1922 to contemporary events and people, a quick reminder to the corridor viewer of the transformations that have been wrought in this institution in over less than a century. 

Speaking at the launch on May 24, Professor Sterling Frost, Deputy CEO said, “The clear parallel between the fundamental essence of The UWI and that of First Citizens underscores the strong relationship and partnership bond that exists between both organizations… Our shared purpose must be captured and commemorated for posterity – the work of the UWI, those who contributed, those who benefitted, the infrastructure and plant upon which so very much has been built must be portrayed permanently.”

Professor Frost continued, “Like the UWI, First Citizens is undeniably Caribbean and unapologetic in its quest to craft a legacy that emphasises a passion to preserve the past.”    

Corporate Social Responsibility

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