FC Cup 2019

Corporate Social Responsibility

The professional football season opened on October 25th, 2019 with the First Citizens Cup where we have been the title sponsors for the past 17 years. This year’s launch was a very reminiscent one, as club representatives thanked the Group for its commitment to professional football over the years and its long partnership with the TT Pro League.

The football matches were held at various stadia across the country “Bringing Football Back Home” to the communities across Trinidad and Tobago to see greater involvement and attendance at the matches. The energy and vibe was particularly felt at the recently built sporting facility in the Diego Martin area, the Diego Martin Sporting Complex.

The Group also took the opportunity to provide some much needed advice via a Player Development Seminar where representatives from the various clubs that participated in the league were invited to hear topics on budgeting and how to use First Citizens products and services to assist with it. Also the players got the opportunity to learn more about contracts as it relates to sports which was facilitated by Attorney-at-Law, Mr Tyrone Marcus who is also a member of the First Citizens Sports Foundation.  

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