Beautification of Welches Primary School

Corporate Social Responsibility Project- Beautification of Welches Primary School

On August 24th, the First Citizens Barbados team embarked on a clean-up of the Welches Primary School, a public school located in close proximity to First Citizens Investment Services and the Welches Banking Centre in Welches, St. Thomas. This project was selected from a pool of recommendations submitted by staff, as it aligned with the First Citizens Culture and Community pillar and required urgent attention as it posed a threat to the safety of the children. The scope of the project included; general clean-up of the play park area and removal of debris; repairing and painting of all park items (swings, see saws, slides and benches); building of a park bench; reinstating  of paving stones; setting up of a tyre garden; planting of lawn grass in the playground area;  removal of hedging and dismantling and removal of a dilapidated green house.

Corporate Social Responsibility

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