2024 First Citizens National Poetry Slam – New Winner Emerges

Press Release

2024 First Citizens National Poetry Finalists posing with Winner Shakira Burton

A fresh victor emerged from a lineup of exceptional poets at the Grand Slam of the 2024 First Citizens National Poetry Slam. Shakira Burton boldly entered the Dragon’s Mouth, launching a lyrical siege with an exceptional piece, captivating the audience with her performance. Her prowess truly embodies the artistic excellence defining the Slam.

The 2024 First Citizens National Poetry Slam, the closing event of the Bocas Lit Festival, unfolded on Sunday, April 28th, as poets showcased their creativity, enthralling audiences with spoken word performances. First Citizens, in steadfast partnership, has continuously supported and championed this initiative, contributing to its growth and success over the years.

Jason Julien, Group Deputy CEO – Business Generation of First Citizens, witnessing the remarkable showcase of talent commented, “We at First Citizens are committed to sustainability. Our goal is to collaborate with poets, aiding in the development of a business plan to elevate their craft under the SLAM.”

The event was a testament to the potency of poetry and the brilliance of the participants, who illuminated the stage with poignant verses and impassioned performances.

First Citizens extends congratulations to all finalists of the First Citizens National Poetry Slam, whose exceptional talent and captivating performances embody the spirit of artistic excellence defining the Slam.

Celebrating 12 years of partnership with Bocas Lit Fest, First Citizens remains steadfast in its dedication to empowering artists, promoting cultural enrichment, and nurturing a vibrant literary landscape in the region.

For more information about First Citizens and its ongoing initiatives, please visit www.firstcitizensgroup.com/tt.

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