First Citizens Mobile Alerts provide an array of options to help you stay on top of your banking. Receive fast and secure notifications via Short Message Service (SMS) or Email on your account(s) activity. Simply enable the service via Online Banking today!

Receive notifications/alerts via Short Message Service (SMS) or email for the following transactions:

What is a Mobile Alert?

A Mobile Alert is a notification you will receive via Email or Short Message Service (SMS) that can help you keep track of your money into and out of your accounts.

How do I enable Mobile Alerts?

To setup your Mobile Alerts, simply login to Online Banking and follow the steps below:

How will I receive these Alerts?

You will receive your Mobile Alerts via SMS and/or email to the mobile number and/or email address used when you opened your account. Update your information via the First Citizens Mobile & SMS Banking Preference Centre in Online Banking, if you would like to use a different address.

My mobile number and/or email address has changed. How can I update my information?

To update your mobile number or email address, simply login to Online Banking and follow these steps:

Are there any fees/charges associated with Mobile Alerts?
Mobile Alerts are free to you as our customer. However, Alerts received via SMS are subject to charges from your mobile provider.

Can I choose which account(s) I want to receive Mobile Alerts for?
Yes, you can select the accounts on which you would like to receive Mobile Alerts.

Who receives Mobile Alerts on joint accounts?
All registered parties on the account(s) will receive Mobile Alerts.

Which transactions can I receive Mobile Alerts for?
You can receive Mobile Alerts via SMS or Email for the following transactions once you are successfully registered:

What can I do if I do not recognise a transaction?
If you want to query a transaction, please send a secure message via First Citizens Online Banking to query your transaction.

How do I change my Alerts set for my accounts?

My Mobile Alerts are enabled but I am not receiving them?

How can I cancel my Mobile Alerts?
If you wish to stop receiving SMS Alerts, text STOP to 34778 (FIRST) or login to Online Banking to disable any of your Alerts (email and/or SMS) by following these steps:

For more information, send us a secure message via Online Banking or email

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