Mutual Fund is an investment where you can pool your money with other individuals to purchase a portfolio of varying investment instruments. Investment instruments differ in the level of risk. Risk is described as the uncertainty of future returns from an investment.

Two key features that should be taken into account when investing are your Time Horizon and Your Risk Tolerance.

Your Time Horizon: When will you start using your money? If that date is many years away, there is more time to weather the ups and downs of the market. Also, there is the potential for your portfolio to carry greater returns.

Your Risk Tolerance: How do you feel about risk? Investment instruments are exposed to different types of risk such as inflation, interest rate fluctuations, currency exchange rates, market conditions and the earnings of the issuers.

Investment Tips

It is important that you select investments that suit your level of tolerance, and it is also important that you make periodic reviews of your portfolio.

Consider the investment strategy that best suits you given the portfolio of the First Citizens family of Mutual Funds:

Conservative Strategy: You are conservative if losses are considered highly unacceptable. A ratio of 90% of funds placed in the Abercrombie Fund and 10% in the Paria Fund will give you good returns on your investment.

Moderately Conservative Strategy: You are moderately conservative if you can stomach minor fluctuations which occur with your investment. With 55% of funds placed in the Abercrombie Fund, 10% in the El Tucuche Fund 35% in the Immortelle Fund you can achieve considerable gains.

Balanced Strategy: You enjoy steady growth in your investment and can tolerate some fluctuations. Manage the risk and achieve steady growth with a ratio of 20% in the Abercrombie Fund, 5% in the Paria Fund, 25% in the El Tucuche Fund and 50% in the Immortelle Fund.

Growth Strategy: You are willing to take greater risks in order to achieve potentially higher returns. Minimise risk while achieving higher returns with 5% of funds in the Abercrombie Fund, 20% in the Paria Fund, 10% in the El Tucuche and 65% in the Immortelle Fund.

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