What are the revised Foreign Currency limits on Credit Cards?

Why has First Citizens reduced Foreign Currency limits on Credit Cards?

The Bank continues to use its best efforts to address the foreign currency requirements of our customers and limits will be adjusted based on the availability of foreign currency. Your Credit Card continues to offer you the convenience of personal shopping both at home and abroad and access to online shopping and e-commerce. Your ability to conduct foreign currency transactions has always been and will continue to be, subject to the availability of foreign currency.

Can I request access to additional foreign currency via my Credit Card after I have fully utilized my monthly threshold?

Yes, you may request, for consideration, the ability to make additional international purchases on your Credit Card. Please submit your request via your home Branch, Commercial Officer or Corporate Banking Officer or contact Contract Centre at 62-FIRST (623-4778) or email us at easybanking@firstcitizenstt.com. Your requests will be logged and the respective representative will contact you on the status of your request.

Can I utilise my Foreign Currency Limit for the billing cycle in one transaction?

Considerations on spend are provided on a case-by-case basis and will apply to urgent transactions, particularly related to medical and educational needs. You are required to notify the Credit Card Centre to facilitate this payment. You may also be required to provide supporting documentation such as invoices. Requests are to be submitted in-person to the Credit Card Centre or via email addressed to the Contact Centre at enquiries@firstcitizenstt.com.

Can I access my Foreign Currency limit via cash withdrawals/advances at the ATM while abroad?

Yes, for your safety and convenience, you can access up to $880 US for the day which will be reset every five (5) days until your Foreign Currency limit is exhausted.

Is the foreign currency limit based on my Credit Card Limit?

Your Credit Card limit remains fully accessible in TTD currency while the foreign currency limit is in accordance with the limits outlined in Table 1 above. 

Is the revised foreign currency limit a temporary measure?

The Bank reviews the foreign currency limit periodically and customers will be advised in a timely manner of any adjustments.

When will the most recent change become effective?

This change will come into effect on September 10, 2021, in keeping with the September 2021 billing cycle.

Will the foreign currency limit be further reduced?

Periodically, the Bank reviews the foreign currency limits and this may, at times, result in adjustments to customer limits.

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