Visa cardholders, their spouses and dependent children under 23 years of age with this benefit will be automatically covered worldwide against accidental bodily injuries, which are the sole cause of loss of life or dismemberment while traveling, boarding or descending from an aircraft operated by a scheduled airline* licensed to carry passengers for hire on a regularly scheduled flight, or a maritime or land conveyance operated by a licensed common carrier duly authorized to transport passengers, provided the full travel fare has been paid with the cardholder’s valid Visa card.

* “Scheduled Airline” means an airline listed in the Official Airline Guide or ABC World Airways Guide where the air carrier holds a certificate, license, or similar authorization for scheduled air transportation issued by the relevant authorities of the country in which the aircraft is registered, and in accordance with such authorization, maintains and publishes schedules and tariffs for passenger service between named airports at regular and specific times.

Cardholders are also entitled to this coverage when using a means of transportation, such as bus, authorized to transport passengers from the commercial carrier’s plane, if this is included in the ticket price or if the airport provides that type of transportation within its facilities.

All frequent flyer, rewards and complimentary common carrier tickets are covered if there are taxes and/or fees associated with the ticket issuance and they are charged in their entirety to an eligible Visa card. If there are no taxes or fees, or they are paid with rewards points, only tickets earned as direct result of charges made with an eligible Visa Card will be covered. The bank will need to send a letter to guarantee that the points acquired in the loyalty program were generated by the use of the Visa card covered by the insurance.

Benefit amount
Visa Platinum USD 500,000
Visa Signature USD 1,000,000
Visa Infinite USD 1,500,000

Beneficiaries should give notice of the loss within 90 days, or “as soon as reasonably possible,”
Upon receipt of complete and acceptable proof of loss for a valid claim, the Company will send payment to the insured within ten (10) business days.

If body injuries cause death or dismemberment, including loss of sight, speech and hearing, benefits will be paid as described below:

LossPercentage of benefit payable
Accidental loss of life  100%
Loss of both hands or both feet, or the sight of both eyes,
or speech and hearing in both ears, or one hand and one foot,
or either hand or foot, and sight of one eye     
Accidental loss of one hand or one foot, or the
sight of one eye, or speech or hearing in both ears  
Accidental loss of index finger and thumb on same hand 25%

If the Insured has multiple losses as the result of one accident, the Company will pay the single largest benefit amount applicable, The death benefit will be paid to the beneficiary designated by the Insured, or if there is no such designation, to the first surviving beneficiary scheduled on the policy, as follows:
• Spouse*, or, if none,
• Children**, in equal shares, or, if none,
• Parents, in equal shares, or, if none,
• Siblings, in equal shares, or, if none,
• Executor or administrator appointed by local courts

*Spouse means legal husband or wife or domestic partner legally recognized in the country where the card is issued of the named cardholder or insured,
**The benefit amount for children is subject to local regulations.

For losses resulting from the Insured person being unavoidably exposed to the elements due to an accident, the benefits will be payable as if resulting from an Injury. Loss must occur within 365 days of the accident. The Company will pay the benefit for loss of life if the body of an Insured Person cannot be located within one year after the forced landing, stranding, sinking or wrecking of a conveyance in which such person was a passenger, then it shall have suffered loss of life within the meaning of the policy.

This insurance does not cover losses caused by
1. Insured emotional trauma, mental or physical illness, pregnancy, childbirth or abortion, bacterial or viral infection (except for bacterial infection caused by the accident or by the accidental consumption of a bacteria-contaminated substance, or any physiological dysfunction;
2. Suicide, suicide attempt or self-inflicted wounds;
3. War, whether declared or not, War does not include guerilla acts;
4. Wounds suffered by the insured while traveling in a taxi, or getting in or out of it.

How is the claim submitted?
The cardholder or beneficiary has two options to open a claim:
1. Benefits Portal
The cardholder may access the Visa Benefits’ Portal thought the link
a. Once in the landing page of the Benefits’ Portal, please click on “Login” or “Enroll”
b. Click on “Claims”
c. Click on “Create Claim”
d. Choose a Product from the drop down menu
e. Choose the benefit you need to file a Claim for and agree to all terms and conditions
f. Complete all requested information and click on “Save”. This step creates the claim case number.
g. Attach all required documents
h. Click on “Submit”

2. Visa Customer Service Center
a. Please contact the Visa Customer Service Center
b. The cardholder will receive an initial package containing the claim form and the list of documents that are needed for each claim
c. All required documents, including the claim form, must be sent electronically to
d. If the cardholder prefers to send all required documents via regular mail:
Claims Administrator
Visa Card Benefits Administration
Maipú 255, Piso 17
C1084ABE, Buenos Aires, Argentina

If you wish to file a claim, please send the completed form with the required documentation to the Benefit Administrator to the following address:
AIG Property Casualty, Inc.
c/o AXA Assistance
Maipú 255 Piso 17
C1084ABE, Buenos Aires, Argentina

If you need to submit a claim or have questions regarding this program, contact the Claims Administrator, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at or call the customer service telephone number on the back of your Visa card.

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