Paying your Credit Card using Telebanking Paying your First Citizens credit card with the FREE First Citizens Telebanking Self Service option is quick and easy. All you need is your telephone to make the call and all you incur is the cost of your telephone call.  The First Citizens Telebanking Self Service option allows you to Pay your First Citizens Credit Card. There are 2 steps in paying your First Citizens credit card with the First Citizens Telebanking Self Service option:

  1. The one time start up requirement of Adding your credit card as a “Payment Account”
  2. Making your Credit Card payment

Payments made using this service will be treated as stated below:

STEP 1: Adding Your First Citizens Credit Card as a Payment Account Once you are registered for the First Citizens Telebanking Service (Self Service) you can follow the simple steps below to add your First Citizens Credit Card as a Payment Account, a one time action which allows you to use the service to then pay your credit card. 

Terms to note:

STEP 2: Making Your Credit Card Payment

The First Citizens Telebanking Self Service option allows you great convenience in paying your credit card. In order to satisfy the monthly payment requirement, your payment must be made on or before your payment due date.

However the convenience of this service is that it goes beyond making it super easy for you to make your required monthly credit card payment. It also makes it unbelievably comfortable for you to make payments as and when you need to, without any hassle.

You can make your credit card payment at any time by following the step by step guide provided below, using the First Citizens Telebanking Self Service option: 

Terms to note: CIF Number: the unique identifying number assigned to the customer by the Bank 

Self Service System: customers must be registered for the Telebanking Self Service option. Registration can take place at any First Citizens Branch. Once registered the customer will be advised of their CIF and PIN

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