From time to time, “disputes” or “chargebacks” may arise on a credit card account. A credit card cardholder dispute is a claim submitted by a cardholder to challenge the legitimacy of a transaction which is charged and posted to his credit card account.

Whilst a cardholder can request that his account be blocked via telephone if he suspects that his account was compromised by unauthorised transactions, the official first step of the dispute process is the submission of a “dispute” form.

Some helpful information on the dispute form and the dispute process is outlined below: 

Credit CardStart of Statement CycleEnd of Statement CycleDispute Form Submission Date
VISA Tertiary11th of month
e.g. 11th August
10th of next month
e.g. 10th of September
Latest submission date: October 1st
VISA Classic, Vacation Lifestyle MasterCard14th of month
e.g. 14th August
13th of next month
e.g. 13th of September
Latest submission date: October 4th
VISA Gold, Platinum, Signature17th of month
e.g. 17th August
16th of next month
e.g. 16th of September

Latest submission date: October 7th
* Dispute Form must be submitted by no later than 14 calendar days after end of statement cycle.

Alternatively, credit card statements and transaction history can be sourced at any First Citizens branch or the Credit Card Centre during normal banking hours.

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