Cards are now the preferred method of payment for goods and services for many individuals. This is primarily due to its local, international, and online reach and by extension, its unparalleled convenience. As with all banking services, you, in partnership with your Bank, play the biggest role in ensuring that you enjoy the safest card experience possible. Help us protect you by following some simple guidelines as you go about your everyday life, with your First Citizens debit, prepaid or credit cards:

  1. Travel and Lost/ Stolen Cards
  2. Vigilance and Unfamiliar Card Transactions
  3. Updating of Contact Information
  4. Safeguarding Your PIN
  5. Using Your Card: At a Store, At the ATM, On the Internet and via the Telephone
  6. General Safety Tips

Travel and Lost/ Stolen Cards:

1-800-847-2911 for VISA cards and
1-800-307-7309 for MasterCard cards

Vigilance and Unfamiliar Card Transactions:

Updating of Contact Information:

Safeguarding Your PIN:

Using Your Card:

At a Store:

At the ATM:

On the Internet:

1. Albania10. Belarus19. Bosnia & Herzegovina
2. Burundi11. Central Africa Republic20. Cuba
3. Democratic Republic of the Congo12. Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia21. Iran
4. Iraq13. Kosovo22. Lebanon
5. Libya14. Mali23. Montenegro
6. Nicaragua15. North Korea24. Russia
7. Serbia16. Somalia25. South Sudan
8. Sudan and Darfur17. Syria26. Ukraine
9. Venezuela18. Yemen27. Zimbabwe

Via the Telephone:

General Safety Tips:

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