Enjoy the convenience of quick and secure deposits with the First Citizens Fast Deposit Service!

Utilise the Fast Deposit Service at any of our conveniently located branches to:

Using the Fast Deposit Service is easy!

Both cheques and cash, with the exception of coins can be deposited via the Fast Deposit Service.

A copy of the utility bill or perforated payment section of the bill must be included in the Fast Deposit envelope along with the relevant payment.

Simply follow the steps below

Step 1: Complete all fields on the envelope

Step 2: Place the deposits in the envelope

  1. Please note that cheques must be signed and an account number indicated at the back of the cheque(s) before depositing
  2. Coins cannot be deposited

Step 3: Tear off the customer’s record (ensure the information is clearly printed)

Step 4: Insert the envelope and the receipt in their respective areas of the Fast Deposit bin at the same time

  1. The receipt will be stamped simultaneously (if this does not occur, a CSR can assist)

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