Get Security

Backed by chip smartcard technology your Visa Debit Card mitigates against “card present fraud”

Get Speed

Built in contactless feature capabilities, offer a quick and convenient check out.

Get Visa Benefits

Powered by Visa you get access to a world of added benefits

Here’s how you can start enjoying these great features:

Get your card activated!

Activating your card is easy! Simply complete a successful transaction at any point of sale terminal or ATM, using the PIN received. Your initial transaction must be completed with the PIN provided, with the option to change your PIN thereafter, at any branch or ATM.

Know which fees apply where!

Card holder Fees: Your new card is absolutely free! However kindly note the following processing fees, which will be applicable in specific instances:

FC Point of Sale FREE
Non FC Point of Sale FREE
Non FC ATMBBD 3.00/transactions

Identify your VISA product!

Based on account type all customers will be classified under a specific Visa product, with access to great benefits, specific to your Visa product category. Determine your Visa Product type by using the table below and visit the website to find out which benefits are applicable to you!

First Citizens regular savings
First Citizens Fifty plus savingsVisa Gold
External savingsGolden Grand SavingsVisa Gold

Champion savings
Chequing Visa Gold
Staff Savings Chequing Plus Visa Gold
Smart SavingStaff Chequing Visa Gold
Premium SavingsVisa Platinum
Premium Chequing Visa Platinum
Sole Trader BusinessVisa Business Gold

If you have any questions, or require feedback and support email