What is Contactless technology?

This feature allows you to simply ‘tap-and-go! The terminal and card communicate using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology which allows you to tap your card over the merchant’s point-of-sale device to make a payment instead of inserting the card.

Why use Contactless technology?

Contactless technology brings you added convenience when making payments. With just a tap, you can make quick and secure payments.

How do I use the Contactless feature on my credit card?

Once the merchant point of sale device is enabled with Contactless technology, you can tap or wave your card 2 inches over the device to make a payment.

How can I determine whether I can use Contactless at a merchant?

The Contactless icon (see below) will be displayed on the merchant’s machine.

Will Contactless transactions require a Pin?

Each transaction is assessed “individually” and you will be prompted if you’re required to enter your Pin.

Is Contactless payment secure?

Contactless uses the same secure and robust technology as Chip & PIN.
When making a payment via Contactless, your personal card information is protected.

How can I be notified of a Contactless transaction?

First Citizens offers Email Alert Service which delivers convenient, fast and secure real-time notifications. Each notification will provide you with a brief transaction description that includes the merchant’s name, the transaction status (whether approved or declined), transaction value and your real-time available card balance.