First Citizens Investment Services Limited (FCIS) gives you personal access to global opportunities. Our financial strength, matched by our industry expertise, keeps your portfolio ahead of the market.

Our Research Unit has become renowned for the world class analysis and thought leadership. We produce periodic publications on diverse economic and financial topics in all of the territories in which we operate.

Bond Trading

We are the leaders in bond trading at First Citizens Investment Services Limited.
With an active experienced bond trading desk, our traders liaise with key
international brokerage houses and receive up to the minute market information
and insights. This allows clients to diversify their portfolio away from solely equities
to local, international, sovereign and corporate exposures.


  • Access to a wide range of local and international fixed income securities
  • Competitive pricing, no fees attached
  • Quick execution of trades
  • Real time market information

Fixed Income Paper (FIP)

This repurchase agreement is backed by a debt instrument issued by a
government or corporation.


  • Securities pledged with the Central Bank of Barbados/Trustees of Corporate Bonds
  • Competitive rate of return
  • Relatively low risk (refer to the brief description of risk outlined in Risk Disclosure section)
  • Fixed rate of return
  • Low initial minimum investment of BBD$15,000.00
  • No fees
  • Upon maturity, your funds can be paid via an Automatic Clearing House (ACH) payment and cheques.

Click here to download our full Prospectus on EC Fixed Income Paper Investments / Repurchase Agreements

Local Brokerage Services

We actively trade in equities through our branch, First Citizens Investment Services Ltd – Barbados — a member of the Barbados Stock Exchange (BSE), thereby ensuring that we provide a complete range of services which
cater to your investing needs.

Commissions and Fees

  • BDS $1.00 to $10,000.00 a commission charge of 2% of the value is applied.
  • BDS $10,001.00 to $25,000.00 a commission charge of 1.5% is applied.
  • BDS $25,001.00 and above a commission charge of 1% is applied
  • BSE charges a commission fee of 0.25% on the value of the shares.
  • BSE charges a commission fee to the seller (only) of 0.10% of the nominal value of the bond or a minimum of $10.00
  • FCIS’ Brokerage fee for bond transactions is 0.5% of the nominal value of the bond.

We are located at:

One Welches
St. Thomas
Tel: (246) 417-6810
Email: invest@firstcitizensbb.com

Global Investment Solutions

First Citizens Investment Services Limited has partnered with Pershing LLC, a Bank of New
York Mellon subsidiary, and the industry’s leading business solutions provider to bring you
international trading access at your fingertips through a robust, user-friendly platform.


  1. Secure method of trading on your own in US markets
  2. Access to equity and bond instruments on the US, Canada andother international markets
  3. Low initial account minimum of US $10,000*
  4. Option to trade on your own or with guidance

*Don’t have USD, but another available hard-currency? Contact one of our Wealth Management personnel to get advice on how to proceed.


Trading on your own (US markets only)

  • 0.65% of the value of the trade with a US $35 minimum
  • US $2 custodian fee for securities held in a non-US market per month
  • US $100 re-activation fee

Trading with guidance (US and most international markets)

  • 0.95% of the value of the trade with a US $35 minimum
  • US $2 custodian fee for securities held in a non-US market per month
  • US $100 re-activation fee

Managed Accounts

A portfolio of investments created especially for you with your financial goals and
needs in mind. We assess your risk appetite along with your investment time
horizon and recommend a portfolio that you are comfortable with.


  • Expert management by a team of professional portfolio managers and analysts
  • Diversification through asset allocation and access to global markets
  • Assignment of a dedicated Wealth Manager for consultation on your portfolio


  • From 1.5% per annum

Minimum investment: US $146,500.00

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