We want to help you manage your cash and financial business. Effective management of your money will help your business to grow. We provide a range of electronic services to improve and assist your administrative control:

Payroll System
The Payroll System is an electronic payroll package which, when out sourced to the Bank, reduces your risk of transporting cash for your payroll lodgments. It will also reduce your time on preparing and administering your payroll distribution system.

Night Depository System
The Night Depository System provides a cash deposit overnight facility. Your money deposited in a locked wallet will be processed the next day or, on your request, wallets can be held for safe keeping overnight and returned the next day unopened.

RTGS –Real Time Gross Settlement – is a domestic / local wire transfer system. RTGS is mainly for the processing of large value and time-sensitive payment.
Real Time Gross Settlement Transfer is a product offered by The Central Bank of Barbados through the commercial banks.

Please contact a Customer Service Representative at Telephone (246) 431-4500.