1. Identification

Valid identification – (Electoral ID, Passport, Driver’s Licence)

a.       One (1) for deposit accounts – as outlined in the Account Opening Requirements

b.       Two (2) for non-resident persons – (one of which must be the passport)

2. Your proof of address

Proof of legal address (utility bill or banks statement in the customer’s name not more than 3 months)

3. Proof of Income

 Proof of income/ source of deposits, such as job letter (not more than 3 months) or pay-slip (not more than 1 month)

Where other forms are accepted, ensure an appropriate notation is included on document and approved by a Senior Officer.

Application Forms

Additional information:

For Non-Resident Accounts

In addition to items 1-3, you’ll be required to submit:

A bank reference letter from non- resident persons from foreign bankers

For Minors

In addition to items 1-3, you’ll be required to submit:

Where the parent is not listed on the identification card, the minor’s birth certificate is required.

Letter authorizing the opening of the account is required from non-parents from the parent along with the parent’s id card or Guardianship Order from Court

For Foreign Students

In addition to items 1-3, you’ll be required to submit:

– Letter of acceptance/ enrolment from the educational institution

– Letter from the donor and their proof of income submitted as evidence of funding for the account

Account Opening FAQs

What if I only have one piece of photo bearing ID?

Only one is required for nationals, two must be provided by a non-resident

I do not have a bill in my name, what do I do?

Where the above documents are not available in the customer’s name, the following may be

accepted along with the utility bill as applicable:

  • SPOUSE – Marriage Certificate;
  • PARENT/ CHILD – Birth Certificate
  • LANDLORD/ TENANT – Lease agreement and rent receipt dated not older than 3 months
  • PROPERTY OWNER – Bank’s Address Verification Letter along with a copy of the attester’s identification in line with Proof of Identity requirements.
I am not permanently employed but would like to open an account with FCBB, what do I do?


  • Pension Letter or Notice from institution outlining details and frequency of payments e.g. lump sum with monthly payments;
  • Cheque stub from the institution with the instalment amount (i.e. lump sum amounts are not accepted).
  • Bank statements clearing evidencing pension deposits, where the customer states the source of funding as savings held with another financial institution

Unemployed & Students

  • Letter from ministry, contributor or donor of funds with a copy of the contributor’s identification and job letter or pay slips;
  • Evidence of loan financing where applicable;
  • Letter of enrolment with an educational institution where applicable.

The Bank reserves the right to request additional information/documentation if deemed necessary.