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US Mid Terms and the Impact on the Market

The U.S. midterm election, as the name suggest, is held every four years midway through the presiding President’s term. This year, the date of the election is set for November…


Implications of a Strong US Dollar

The US Dollar has steadily gained against many global currencies, with the strengthening particularly acute over the past couple of months, reaching historic highs against the Euro, Japanese Yen and…


Climate Change and Renewable Energy

Energy Historically, multiple advancements in technology in the industrial and manufacturing sectors led to increased production of various goods. The availability of every single good produced in the world increased…


How to invest in a recessionary period

In these times of uncertainty and global conflict, many countries are coming to terms with the possibility of entering into a recession. As investors become aware of a potential recession, some…


Caribbean Debt

The Caribbean is among the most indebted regions in the world, with debt levels (excluding Haiti) averaging 90.1% of GDP since the onset of the pandemic according to IMF data.…


T&T’s Economic Update

Trinidad and Tobago’s (T&T) economic performance has historically mirrored the movements in the global energy market given the significance of the energy sector in terms of government revenue, export earnings…


Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Financing and Investing The Financial Times defines ESG as a “term used in capital markets and a tool investors use to evaluate corporate behavior and determine the future of financial…