Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been a key part of the First Citizens DNA since inception. In June 2019, the Group registered the First Citizens Foundation as a Non-Profit Organisation, for the purpose of supporting First Citizens in its continued commitment to transformative social change. The work of the Foundation is intended to provide a robust framework for good governance and transparency and to advance programmes under five CSR Pillars – Youth Development and Education, Gender, Culture, Environment and Sport.

With Corporate Social Responsibility now evolving however, First Citizens has identified the need to transition its CSR programme to an ESG programme, to ensure that we remain cutting-edge and that our initiatives support the United Nations’ thrust for sustainable investment. 

Through the adoption of an ESG programme, the Group will now align with several global entities that are currently placing integral focus on Environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing, with the aim of approaching and assessing company behavior and policies, through environmental performance, social impact and governance issues.

First Citizens is therefore proud to launch its Corporate Social Responsibility Programme ‘Community’ in Barbados!

Operationalized by the First Citizens Foundation, the Group has committed to the mandate of addressing complex societal issues and supporting various positive initiatives by:

First Citizens strongly believes that through Community – that sense of unity that emerges from coming together, we can make a meaningful impact and difference, in the lives of those we serve.