We offer Visa® Classic and Visa® Gold Credit Cards that provide you with instant purchasing power at over 25 million merchant locations and 800,000 plus ATM locations worldwide.

Visa® provides instant recognition for the Cardholder wherever the Card is presented.

Using Visa® Classic or Visa® Gold Cards eliminates the need to carry large sums of cash and cheques, making purchases much more secure.

If the Card is lost or stolen, the account can be blocked with a single call to telephone 1 (246) 431 4577 to immediately prevent unauthorised use.

Card limits range from BBD$1,000.00 to BBD$10,000.00 for Classic Cards and from BDS$10,000.00 and up for Visa® Gold cards. The Card type is awarded based on the analysis of information received.

NB: Visa® Gold Cardholders are immediately recognised as preferred customers simply by presenting the Card anywhere around the world.


Call any of our Credit Card Representatives at (246) 431 4577 or visit any of our Banking Centres.