First Citizens Bank (Barbados) Customer Day 1

Press Release

The First Citizens Group out of Trinidad and Tobago announced today the finalization of its acquisition of Butterfield Bank (Barbados) as it changed the name of the Bank to First Citizens Bank (Barbados).

Mr. Larry Nath, Acting Chief Executive Officer at First Citizens stated that “we are proud of the fact that the First Citizens Group is a leading and dynamic financial institution in the Caribbean and has a significant track record of being one of the safest, soundness and most stable Banks in the region.”

He added that, “There is no doubt in our minds that First Citizens Bank (Barbados) will be remarkably successful and that as a Group, we will all contribute and be an integral part of this success.”

Mr. Glyne Harrison, Acting Chief Executive Officer at First Citizens Bank (Barbados) remarked that “the entire team is excited to come together under the umbrella of this strong and dynamic regional brand that is First Citizens, to deliver exceptional products and service to our customers.”

The First Citizens Group has assets of almost US$5billion and equity of over $800 million and has a significant track record of success through investment in revolutionary technology, tight prudential credit policies, a commitment to high levels of customer service, a performance-oriented culture and talented leaders.

First Citizens stated strategy is to actively seek potential acquisitions, particularly within the Region and beyond. Besides Barbados, the company currently offers investment services in St. Vincent and St. Lucia through its First Citizens Investment Services subsidiary and recently opened a representative office in Costa Rica.


Larry Nath
Acting Group Chief Executive Officer