Group of Companies

Since its establishment, First Citizens has impacted on and changed the local financial landscape, making waves through the strength of our people, our philosophies, our partnerships and our commitment to excellence and innovation.

The First Citizens Group of Companies consists of the following:

First Citizens Bank Limited

First Citizens Bank Limited is the first indigenous Bank of Trinidad and Tobago, created in 1993 out of the Trinidad and Tobago Cooperative Bank, Worker’s Bank (1989) and National Commercial Bank.

First Citizens provides Personal Finance Solutions (Savings Accounts, Chequing Accounts, Credit Cards, and Loans), Business Banking Solutions and Corporate Banking Solutions. We also offer Banking on the Go (Online Banking, Telebanking and ATM Services).

Corporate Centre, 9 Queen’s Park East, POS, Trinidad, WI
Ph: (868) 624-3178
Fax: (868) 624-5981

First Citizens Bank (Barbados) Limited

First Citizens Bank (Barbados) Ltd. offers a range of banking solutions, including personal banking solutions, corporate banking solutions and online banking solutions. 

First Citizens Corporate Office
No 2 Board Street
Bridgetown, Barbados
Ph (246) 431-4500
Fax (246) 429-2428

First Citizens Portfolio and Investment Management Services Limited 

First Citizens Portfolio and Investment Management Services Limited (FCPIMS) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of First Citizens Investment Services Limited (FCIS). FCPIMS provides investment management services for Pension Plans, Mutual Funds (Abercrombie, Paria, Immortelle and El Tucuche), privately managed accounts and other funds.

17 Wainwright Street
St Clair, POS, W.I.
Ph: 622-3247
Fax: 627-5496

First Citizens Depository Services Limited

First Citizens Depository Services provides custodian services to the financial market, servicing individual clients as well as institutional investors such as Mutual Funds and Pensions Plans. The company is responsible for administering the Abercrombie Fund, Paria Fund, Immortelle Fund and El Tucuche Fund as well as the Retirement Provider. FCDSL also provides paying agency, financial accounting and investment operations services.

First Citizens Trustee Services Limited

First Citizens Trustee Services provides a range of corporate trustee and related services including pension and savings plan trusteeship and administration services, mutual fund and bond trusteeship services, bond registrar and paying agent services and custodianship services.

45 Abercromby Street, POS, Trinidad, WI
Ph: (868) 623-9091-7
Fax: (868) 627-6426

First Citizens Financial Services (St. Lucia) Limited

First Citizens (St. Lucia) Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bank, incorporated under the laws of St. Lucia, has been established as an offshore financial vehicle for the Bank and its subsidiaries and also to conduct selected banking and financial service operations in the Caribbean Region and Latin America.

7 Mongiraud Street, Castries, St. Lucia, WI
Ph: (758) 452-4158
Fax: (758) 452-6458

First Citizens Investment Services Limited

 The largest full service investment house in the Caribbean. We provide brokerage, advisory and portfolio management services to our clients with the utmost privacy and confidentiality.

We offer a broad suite of investment products such as Fixed Income Paper, Bonds, Equities, Structured investments, Mutual Funds and Electronic Trading.

Our Research Unit has become renowned for the world-class analysis and thought leadership. We produce periodic publications on diverse economic and financial topics in all of the territories in which we operate.

Our offices are Pan-Caribbean: situated in Trinidad, Barbados, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and St. Lucia:

Port of Spain Centre
17 Wainwright Street, St. Clair,
Port of Spain, Trinidad
Tel: (868) 622-3247
Fax: (868) 627-5496

San Fernando Centre
46 Lady Hailes Avenue,
San Fernando, Trinidad
Tel: (868) 657-2662
Fax: (868) 653-4871

John Compton Highway,
Sans Souci,
Castries, St. Lucia
Tel: (758) 450-2662
Fax: (758) 451-7984

St. Vincent & The Grenadines
2nd Floor, Lewis Pharmacy Building,
Corner of James and Middle Streets,
Tel: (784) 453-2662
Fax: (784) 453-3800

One Welches,
St. Thomas
Tel: (246) 417-6810
Fax: (246) 421-2140


First Citizens Brokerage and Advisory Services Limited

As a member of the Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados and Eastern Caribbean Stock Exchanges we actively trade in equities thereby ensuring that we provide a complete range of services that caters to all our clients’ investing needs.

17 Wainwright Street
St. Clair
Port of Spain
Trinidad & Tobago
Tel: (868) 622-3247

First Citizens Costa Rica

First Citizens Costa Rica S.A. started operations in 2012 as the Group’s representative office in Costa Rica. It currently conducts business in nine Latin American countries jointly with international and multilateral banks. The client portfolio includes top corporate and financial institutions.