Bonds and Treasury Bills

FCIS is a licensed broker on the Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange (ECSE) and leading trader in Government Treasury Bills (T-Bills), Bonds on the Regional Government Securities Market (RGSM), and corporate bonds on the Eastern Caribbean Securities Market (ECSM). FCIS is also an active trader in stocks on other regional stock exchanges namely, the Trinidad and Tobago Securities Exchange and the Barbados Securities Exchange. 

  • T-Bills and Bonds represent debt obligations backed by various regional Governments or corporations with maturities from less than one year (T-bills) to several years (Bonds).
  • OECS Government T-Bills & Bonds are accessible on the RGSM, while corporate bonds are accessible through the ECSM. The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) is the fiscal agent for all transactions done on the RGSM and the ECSE is the paying agent for those transactions, thus limiting the issuers’ involvement in the capital raising and settlement process.
  • The minimum investment is EC$5,000 with a $1,000 multiplier up to a maximum purchase of the issue size.
  • Treasury bills are traded using the competitive bidding mechanism and as a result, the final discount rate would typically differ from the maximum quoted.

Repurchase Agreements / Fixed Income Paper (FIP)

A Repurchase Agreement (Repo) is a short term liquid investment that provides a useful avenue for leveraging additional revenues from excess liquidity. Our Repos are relatively safe investments, backed by the strength of our organization and further backed by a debt instrument issued by a borrower such as a private corporation or government, thereby providing an additional layer of safety. The product is regulated and closely monitored by our Regulator, the Eastern Caribbean Securities Regulatory Commission (ECSRC).


Global Managed Portfolios

This product is a United States Dollar (USD) based model structure that aims to meet the needs of clients who wish to invest in international investments – both fixed income and equity. To service the needs of our clients, we currently offer the following Model Types:

  • Conservative
  • Moderate
  • Moderately Aggressive
  • Aggressive

Portfolio Investment Sizes

All portfolios will have a minimum start value of US$10,000 and all clients must have an account opened on the Pershing platform to facilitate trading.

Management Fees

An annual fee equal is payable on the market value of the assets of the fund. This is payable in quarterly instalments calculated on the market value at the end of each calendar quarter.  Fees are as follows:

Annual FeeQuarterly Fee

Transaction Fees

Most of the Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) within these portfolios benefit from being zero-transaction ETFs that are solely available to the client through this product. However, from time to time, the Portfolio Manager may select securities outside of these zero-transaction ETFs in order to maximize returns to the clients. Transaction fees for these ETFs will be split amongst all portfolios, thus reducing the cost to the individual client. Other fees such as wire fees will be borne by the client.

Global Investment Solutions

Equities and Bonds

We offer an online trading service that gives you control to trade (equity, mutual funds, ETFs, fixed income, options) and manage your investments on any major exchange globally.

The trading fee for trading on North American exchanges is $35 or 0.65% of the trade value – whichever is greater, and for all other markets, it’s $50 or 0.65% of the trade value.  If you wish to trade on any exchange outside of the U.S., you would need to call us to place those orders for you.

We also offer an advisory service where you can speak to an advisor for market updates and sentiment.  We will then execute trade requests on your behalf.  The fee for this is US$35 or 0.95% of the trade value.

To access the trading platform, you would first open an account with First Citizens Investment Services.  Once the account has been opened, you can fund your account via a cheque or wire transfer to us for transfer to your brokerage account. You can trade as you wish when the account is funded.