About Girls First

Girls First is a ground-breaking conference dedicated to inspiring, empowering, and supporting girls to realize their full potential. The event aims to bring together girls from diverse backgrounds and interests to foster personal growth, leadership development, and meaningful connections. Through a series of engaging sessions, interactive workshops, and inspiring talks, Girls First creates a safe and inclusive space where girls can gain valuable skills, build self-confidence, and envision a future full of possibilities.

Girls First Founder – Karen Darbasie
First Citizens Group Chief Executive Officer

2022 Highlights

Girls First 2023

Our premier girls empowerment event is back! Girls First “Limitless”, embodies the idea of boundless potential, infinite possibilities, and breaking through personal barriers. It encourages individuals to explore their capabilities, overcome limitations, and embrace a mind-set of unlimited growth and self-discovery.

Hosted by:

Jynnyn Edwards (Trinidad)
Whitney Husbands (Tobago)

Attendees can look forward to a day of:

Interactive Workshops

Inspirational Talks

Career Fair and Networking


Prizes and much more

Bringing the vibes at both events, your DJ, Charlotte

Featured Talks

In this empowering and uplifting segment, our speakers will take center stage to deliver an inspirational talk that will resonate with the hearts and minds of every young girl in attendance.   Through their personal anecdotes, powerful words, and vibrant energy, they will inspire our audience to embrace their individuality, find their inner rhythm, and “dance to their own beat.”   These powerhouses will share their journey of self-discovery, highlighting the challenges faced and the triumphs that came with embracing their unique identity.

Trinidad Speaker
Wendy Fitzwilliam – Miss Universe 1998

The epitome of grace and excellence, former Miss Universe 1998, Wendy Fitzwilliam will grace the stage of Girls First Trinidad. A lawyer, actress, model, singer, TV host and radio personality, Wendy, is also a mother and international beauty queen who continues to do Trinidad and Tobago proud through her numerous achievements.

Tobago Speaker
Rayshawn Pierre-Ker

Rayshawn is a multi-hyphenate creative and award-winning storyteller, theatre director, and published cultural researcher, with over 20 years of experience on stage.

She holds a double Major Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts & Carnival/Festival Studies (with first class honours) from the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Trinidad, and a Practitioners Certificate in Drama/Theatre in Education and is currently a final year Master of Philosophy candidate in Cultural Studies.

Limitless Confidence

This talk segment will empower young girls and provide them with the tools and inspiration to develop a strong sense of self-worth and confidence. This interactive and engaging session will address the unique challenges faced by young girls today and guide them towards embracing their individuality and unleashing their true potential.

Trinidad Speaker

Ainka Williams

Ainka is a vivacious host who’s been featured across national television networks and in two of the nation’s daily newspapers. She currently co-hosts a radio show on the TTT Network’s urban frequency and its Television Morning Show.

Ainka’s digital presence is felt through campaigns such as the “40 Under 40” Youth Influencer program. Ainka makes good use of her PR & Journalism background adding colour and energy to any event.

Tobago Speaker

Korice AQ Nancis

Founder & Managing Director of Fibroid Awareness Trinidad & Tobago, a social entrepreneur, community and tourism development enthusiast.

Korice is also the Founder & Chief Content Creator of The Development Lab, a boutique consultancy service, co-founder of the Pink Diamond Society for Ladies Inc., a young women’s personal and professional development organization.

2023 Workshops

Mind Matters – Self-Care and Wellness

A dynamic and engaging workshop designed specifically for young women to explore mental health and develop effective coping strategies. In this supportive and interactive session, teens will discover tools to enhance their mental well-being, manage stress, and navigate life’s challenges with resilience. This workshop will also address the impact of social media on mental health. Teens will learn strategies for maintaining a healthy balance with digital devices, managing screen time, and navigating social media in a way that promotes well-being and prevents potential negative effects.

Polished Presence – Etiquette for Teens

Etiquette for Young Ladies is as fun as it is educational. Empowering young ladies with manners, social skills, poise and style will help them build their self-confidence in social settings, understand their potential and feel good about themselves. This workshop teaches social etiquette, table manners, personal grooming and skin care. The workshop will be conversational and involves everyone in discussion for easy learning.

Empowered & Aware – Personal Safety

The personal safety workshop will provide comprehensive and empowering tips designed to equip young girls with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to prioritize their personal safety in various environments. This interactive workshop aims to foster awareness, assertiveness, and practical strategies for staying safe and making informed decisions in today’s world.

Dollar $igns – Financial Literacy

This financial literacy workshop will teach the basics of budgeting and the fundamentals of banking. This introductory course will equip patrons with an understanding of how savings accounts work and much more.

Workshop Facilitators – Trinidad

Mind Matters – Self-Care and Wellness
Asha Maharaj

Asha is an International Gender and Development Expert with an Honours Baccalaureate in International Development from the University of Guelph, and a Master’s with Distinction in Gender and Development Studies from the University of the West Indies.

She has worked with, and for, women and girls at all levels and takes every opportunity she gets to have real conversations with young women.

Polished Presence – Etiquette for Teens
Leeyan Jeffers

Leeyan is an Etiquette Consultant, she is the founder and head facilitator of L.J ETIQUETTE, an agency that offers etiquette training throughout the region. Leeyan has a decade of customer relations experience in the airline industry. Her current roles include personal development trainer, educator and entrepreneur.

Empowered & Aware – Personal Safety
Vidal Sealey

A Protection Specialist at First Citizens, Vidal has over twenty-two (22) years’ experience in the multifaceted field of Security & Safety Management in the Corporate environment.  He is a leader of security teams, with specialization in Security Education and Personal Safety Training, Regulatory Compliance, Background Checks, and Vendor Vulnerability Assessments and is also highly skilled in Krav Maga, an Israeli martial art.

Dollar $igns – Financial Literacy
Thalia Chase

Employed with the First Citizens Group for 9 years, Thalia currently serves as a Teller Supervisor at the San Fernando branch, a position she has held since 2018. The mom of a four-year-old boy, she is a certified financial advisor and is currently pursuing her MBA in General Business Administration. 


Workshop Facilitators -Tobago

Mind Matters – Self-Care and Wellness
Dr. Alina Williams

A Clinical Psychologist at the Scarborough General Hospital with 11 years of clinical and teaching experience across various Caribbean institutions. In 2019, Dr. Williams was named by the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs as a “40 Under 40” influencer. In 2020, she was appointed as a member of the “Roadmap to Recovery Working Group,” charged with restoring and developing the Health and Wellness sector of Tobago. Her passion is to raise the awareness of mental health and stress-related disorders through frank and open discussions.

Polished Presence – Etiquette for Teens
Davia Chambers

Davia Chambers, has eleven (11) years of experience in the Media and Communications industry, beginning her journey as a Reporter and Anchor at PTV8 Turks and Caicos Islands. Thereafter she delved into the world of Communications/Public Relations and is now a Television Producer 11 and Host at the Department of Information, Tobago House of Assembly, and the face of the magazine styled programme, Let’s Talk Tobago.

Empowered & Aware – Personal Safety
Curtis Griffith

Coach Griffith has an extensive background in martial arts and currently holds a third-degree black belt. He is an experienced and highly skilled self-defense instructor dedicated to empowering individuals with the knowledge and techniques to protect themselves in today’s challenging world. With a passion for personal safety and a commitment to ensuring the well-being of others, Coach Griffith has been involved in the field of self-defense for over 20 years. 


Dollar $igns – Financial Literacy
Shenel Brathwaite

A Teller at First Citizens Milford Road branch, Shenel is currently pursuing studies at the School of Business and Computer Science to earn her ACCA accreditations, having plans of becoming a certified accountant. Shenel also has a wealth of experience in the financial sector, with a tenure spanning over a decade.

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