1. Redemption at a participating merchant: Choose the merchant where you wish to redeem your bonus points certificates.  We will be removing the listing at the back of the certificate and referring customers to our online platforms. 

  1. When paying, present your certificates together with your credit card and national picture identification.
  2. The primary cardholder signs at the back of the certificate in the presence of the merchant. 
  3. The value of your certificates can be either as partial or full payment for the good or service purchased.  The full value of the certificate will be used.
  4. The merchant verifies your identity by observing the national picture identification and signature.  Specifically, comparing the picture ID to the cardholder and comparing the signatures on the picture ID, credit card and the back of the bonus points certificate.
  5. You receive your goods or service.

  2. Redemption through deposit into a First Citizens Retirement Provider Account:  VISA Gold and Platinum cardholders (with the bonus points reward program), have the option of depositing their certificates into a First Citizens Retirement Provider account.