Visa Bonus Points
Please note, the Visa Bonus Points reward programme was discontinued effective November 2020.
All Visa Bonus Points certificate(s) issued in October 2020 will expire in October 2022.

Redemption of Bonus Points Certificate(s)
1.Your Visa Bonus Points certificate(s) must not be expired
2.There is NO minimum points or dollar value required to redeem your certificate(s)
3.Only the primary cardholder is authorized to redeem certificate(s)
4.A valid form of identification and your Credit Card are required when redeeming certificate(s) at your selected merchant
5. Your certificate(s) must be signed in the presence of the merchant at the time of redemption
6. Your certificate(s) are redeemable at selected merchants nationwide. Click here  for list of Merchants

Note: Cash advances and quasi cash transactions (typically betting and gambling) do not earn points.