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Barbados has established itself as a highly regarded, world-class motor sports destination having hosted international, regional and local events successfully. As a highly developed sport, events are always highly anticipated by competitors and spectators alike and are always well attended.

The Barbados Motoring Federation (BMF) is the governing body for motor sports on the island of Barbados and developed an idea and a concept to hold an annual championship for cars conforming to the FIA homologated R5 and Rally 2 classes. The BMF members (clubs) organize events that may be part of the R5 National Championship (the Championship). In 2022, First Citizens formed a partnership with the organizers of R5 Rally Championship and executed a spectacular event that year. This year, the partnership will continue for a second season, with the addition of new cars and new drivers poised to make the 2023 edition as exciting as before.

R5 Rally Championship

The Championship will be contested across a range of disciplines – special stage rallies, speed events, drag racing and autocross – with the organisation of each event in the hands of the BMF’s Member Clubs. The calendar has been structured to limit travel for overseas competitors, with four weekends hosting one event each day, then the usual consecutive weekends of King of the Hill and Sol Rally Barbados, which many drivers already attend, with a Race Of Champions-style event to round off the season. At year-end, the winner will collect a $5,000 prize to donate to the Barbados charity he nominated on registration for the championship.
It will be administered by the BMF, which has devised the Sporting Regulations, with Adrian Linton as Technical Delegate and Warren Gollop as Chairman of the Stewards to deal specifically with R5 Rally Championship matters.

Rally Barbados 2023 Highlights

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Top 5 – R5 Rally Facts

1 – The first-ever National Championship in Barbados motor sport

2 – Owned and managed by the Barbados Motoring Federation (BMF), the island’s governing body

3 – Contested over a broad range of disciplines – rallies, speed events, drag racing and autocross – with rounds organised by four BMF member clubs

4 – Contested on a level playing field, limited to FIA R5 and Rally2 homologated cars

5 – With a $5,000 prize at year-end to the winning driver’s chosen Barbados charity

Rally Barbados 2022 Highlights

2022 Photo Gallery